Mike Giardi's Professional Baseball Academy - February 2019

Who: Youth Baseball and Softball Players

Where: Veteran's Memorial Fieldhouse, Salem High School, 77 Willson St, Salem, Ma

When: February School Vacation, Feb 18th - 22nd, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Director: Mike Giardi - Former Professional Player and Current Marblehead High Head Coach


Since 1995, Mike Giardi has put together the Academy to give young ball players the opportunity to fine tune their skills under the guidance of professional and collegiate players and coaches.  The players will learn how to improve their game through drill work that the staff has used throughout their playing and coaching careers.  The Academy will feature different teaching tools including: Tee Work , Soft Toss Drills, Bunting Drills, Batting Cage Work, Sliding Drills on our Sliding Mat, Video Work with our Ipad

There will also be base-running work (players will be timed) and individual defensive work by position, including pitching work with the Radar gun.
All of these drills are designed to help improve a young player’s game while having fun.

What to Bring
Sneakers /Turf Shoes
Gym Clothing
Fielding Glove
If you wish to bring your own equipment, such as a helmet or bat, you may do so, but please mark all of your equipment.  Equipment tends to look alike and The Hit Zone cannot be responsible for lost equipment.  The Hit Zone will provide bats, balls, batting helmets, and catching equipment for the players.
It is also recommended, although not required, that ball players bring batting gloves to protect their hands from blisters that may develop from the number of swings taken.